7 Benefits of having a website

Social networks are a great tool, but they aren’t the only sales channel. So today we will see 7 benefits of having a website:


The E-Commerce

7 Benefits of having a website: The e-commerce

Implementing e-commerce on our website will not just make your products visible 24/7, but also give you information about your customers with cookies, which can be used for future marketing campaigns.

Cookies can also help our website recommend products based on data collected, making your website sell for you.

Credibility and commitment

The ease of creating a virtual store on social networks gives way to customers contacting uncommitted companies or, in the worst case, fraudsters, often creating uncertainty when buying or requesting a service.

A website of your own will not just set your business apart from your competitors.

Rather, it will show credibility, seriousness and commitment to your work, creating trust with your clients.

Independence of social networks

On October 4, 2021, the biggest fall in social networks happened, where thousands of businesses that just work through these channels (Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook) were incommunicado with their customers for more than 6 hours.

Fact that emphasizes how important it’s to have a website for your business. Not only to avoid the dependance on the proper functioning of an external infrastructure.

But to have freedom when publishing your content and products, especially if you want to reach a different or very specific market.

Also remember that more “likes” on your store or fan page doesn’t always result in higher sales. On your website you put the rules.

First place in search engines

Not all countries have the same social network as a favorite, nor do all customers want to register in them to request a service.

That is why search engines like Google, Yahoo, among others are the best way if you are looking to expand your business globally (and locally).

It’s important to appear in the first search results, most customers just look at the first page of the search engine result when looking for something on the internet.

But to be in the first results it’s not enough to have a website, but to know how to structure it correctly (or find someone who knows how to do it).

Save on infrastructure

7 Benefits of having a website: Save on infrastructure

An operational and well-positioned website can save the money you invest in the maintenance or rent of a physical store or office.

Businesses like ghost kitchens and some banks operate this way and can work in emergency situations where they may be forced to close.

Improve your customer service

7 Benefits of having a website: 
Improve your customer service

Often it’s annoying, whether by chat or by phone, waiting for the attention of a bussy staff to solve small queries or doubts about a product or service.

If the information about your products or services is clear and organized on your website, it will help your staff to answer specific inquiries or sales closings, and it will help your customers to decide get your products or services quickly.

An additional income

Once your website has many visitors it’s possible to monetize their traffic which will give you additional income.

For that you can contact services like Exoclicks that have an advertising option of CPM (Cost Per Mille, payments for impression or visualization) for your banners.

So, once you get traffic and put advertising banners in a good place you will get money in a few days, that could make your website hosting and domain “pay for itself”.

Another option is to turn your website into a provider of this service, offering the blank spaces on your website to third parties who want to make their products visible.

And these were 7 benefits of having a website, you can read more posts on my blog or follow me on social networks:

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I hope you have a great day.

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