Do you want a visually appealing website for your customers?

Hi, my name is Raúl Gonzalo Martiarena Valdivia, I am a web developer and I want to give you a welcome to my blog by writing some guidelines to offer a visually appealing website for your customers at this digital age.


Good aesthetic is just as important as functionality

While developing a website it’s important to set and follow several design rules that will improve the user experience, some of them are:

  • The correct use of empty spaces to avoid a visual overload in web design (as well to optimize loading times).
  • The good use of brand colors to build your online presence.
  • Set readable font sizes for each paragraphs and headlines for the web design.

Those details may look unimportant, but they influence a lot the user experience. They’re the reason why social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, among others, are so successful making their visitor confortable while browsing.

We could say that Facebook and many popular social networks success is due to the memes and the content shared on them, but from the many websites dedicated to memes that exist over the internet, many users love to watch them through social networks due the user experience they provide, making browsing a enjoyable experience.

It’s important that your customers find what they’re looking for

It’s very important to define the service that you are going to give through your website and if you are going to offer two or more additional services. If that the case you must priorize your main service (the which one you do better).

For example: If your business is a burguer restaurant and your customers opens your website or delivery app to request they favorite burguer, the product must be visible almost all the time (because the main service is the burguers selling) as well the “order” and “checkout” buttons, avoid that your customer has to look for it.

But what if our customers wants to do other inquiries? (Phone number, local information, more promotions) Those links must be visible too. And that’s why a good web design is important and how those web page elements are ordered in a visually apealing way.

The benefits of web design in your business

Some benefits that a good web design can give you are:

  • Confidence and formality: A good web design will show the solid commitment that your company has with their customers sending away any mistrust feelings that they has.
  • Self promotion and the Increase of visits (and sales): A good web design can be self-promoting way, if it’s visually appealing your customers, they will love to share your website over the social networks (increasing your visits and sales).
  • Competitiveness and a High status: A good web design can make your company looks like as specialists in the field that you are focusing on, increasing your website ranking to stay between the major brands of the web.
  • Saving money in SEO and website ranking: In addition to the above, a greater number of visits will also save your money for SEO and website ranking paidment, it’s useless to advertise a website that your customers don’t want to see, a good web design can give you a big sales increase.

Among many other benefits.

Do you want a visually appealing website?

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good web design for your business. If what you are looking for a web design that satisfies you and your customers you can contact me, I’ll be happy to answer any question you have and request a quote if you need my services or visit my portfolio to see my work.

Remember that a poor web design can ruin the browsing experience of your customers and make you lose countless opportunities that in the long term would be more expensive than the investment in a good web design.

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Have a nice day!

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